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How to apply?
There are some requirements and understandings to match before apply to a workcamp.

Important note: Volunteers may apply to any camp only through the SCI branch or partner organisation of the country where they reside. Search for your nearest partner.

Here is a list of what you should be aware of:

An understanding of SCI and the philosophy of workcamping: Be sure to read the SCI information to become familiar with SCI aims, and the philosophy of camps to learn what is expected of you as a participant. Workcamps are a group experience, so be prepared to participate fully in work, study and social activities. You are expected to arrive for the start of the workcamp and stay for its duration. Remember, together with the other volunteers, it is your workcamp and it is your contribution that will make it worthwhile.

Age: There is no upper age limit. Minimum age limits can be applied, i.e 18 years old.

Transportation/Accommondation/Food: You pay for and arrange your own transport to the camp. (if you can bring a vehicle it may be a major benefit to the workcamp). The camp sponsor is expected to provide accommodation and food.

Fees and cancellation: Apply to your own branch for explanations. In general the application fee is between 50 and 150 EUR depending on your country of residence and the project chosen.

Language: The camp language of most SCI camps is English. If ability in a certain language is required, it will be mentioned in the camp description.

Specific qualification: Some camps require special qualifications such as musical skills, etc. If special qualifications are needed, it will be mentioned in the camp description. Some camps also require an additional statement of motivation or a supplementary application. If required, this must be submitted before you can be placed in the camp.

Bringing children: Most camps do not allow volunteers to bring children under 12, although a few encourage it. The camp listing will usually mention if children are encouraged or discouraged. If you have questions, consult the SCI office in your country of residence.

Disabled volunteers: Many SCI camps are held in places which are not equipped to handle the severely disabled (e.g. wheelchairs, etc.). Eligibility may be determined on an individual basis. Please consult the SCI office in your country of residence.