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We NEED You!

AVI Moldova Team is getting bigger and we need your help to make it the very best it can be! If you decide volunteering the best way is to fill this questionnaire and mark the fields that are more suitable for your interests. Shortly after, you will receive a notification with an invitation to subscribe our newsletter at voluntar[at] and will join our forum of discussions.

The opportunities are limitless and the amount of time you spend is up to you. Please fill out this letter and forward it to our office today!  APPLY NOW


1. Questions and Answers

Where do I volunteer?
People volunteer at not-for-profit or charitable organizations. These organizations can provide service in arts, health, education, social services, sports and more.

What will I do as a volunteer?
There are many different volunteer positions. A volunteer may assist an organization’s beneficiaries directly or help with administrative or organizational duties (examples – serving meals at a drop-in centre, editing content for a newsletter, helping to organize a special event).  Volunteers do not replace paid staff.

How much time do I need to volunteer?
Most volunteer positions ask for two up to four hours a week and a minimum three month commitment. There are also positions where you can volunteer for shorter periods - once a month or once a year at special events.

2. Getting Started

There are many volunteer positions that may fit your interests, needs and schedule. To find a volunteer position that is right for you, you may want to consider:

  • How much time am I able to commit?
  • Would I like a long-term position or a short-term position?
  • What are the skills, interests and experience that I would like to share?
  • What experience am I looking to gain?
  • What issues in the community do I think are important (e.g. environment, arts, health, etc) and how would I like to help?
  • What location do I prefer - do I want to volunteer in my community or close to my workplace?

Knowing the answers to these questions will allow you to refine your search for a position.
Fill out NOW the volunteer application Form!

3. Once you find a Volunteer Position

What to Expect
The Manager of Volunteers is the person in an organization who recruits and works with the volunteers. A Coordinator or Manager of Volunteers is usually the person in the office you will contact about the volunteer position you are interested in.

Here’s what to expect when you’ve found a volunteer position that interests you.

  1. First you send application by email, by post or bring it yourself. You should expect a response within a day or two with more information about the possibility to subscribe to voluntar[at] (Romanian) and the next steps.
  2. Next you attend a weekly meeting (usually on Fridays) to learn more about AVI Moldova and the volunteer opportunity.  It is an opportunity for us to get to know you and your skills and experiences.
  3. At the meeting, you can also complete the application form with details, like your name and contact information as well as your interests and skills. Personal references and recommendations may be requested as part of the screening process to ensure you are a good fit with the organization.
  4. Also at the meeting, you may have an interview in order to get to know you a bit better and allow time for you to ask questions.
  5. You should get a response within 2 weeks about the next steps – start date, training date, etc.

What is Expected of You
Once you’ve joined as a volunteer, the agency expects you to be:

  • Punctual and Reliable – if you are going to be late or absent you will contact your supervisor in plenty of time to let them know.
  • Committed – that you will stay the required duration of time for the particular project or task you are involved with.
  • Professional – that you will keep information confidential about the organization, follow its rules and represent it appropriately.
  • Enthusiastic – that you are interested in the cause and that you share your skills and experience other volunteers.
  • Willing to learn – that you will attend trainings, ask for help, help others, discuss any problems you have with the person you report to, and continue to learn about volunteering.
  • Respectful – that you will respect differences in volunteers, staff, members, and work as a team player.