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Past activities

Here are the main activities of the organization:

  • August 2001: Ecological workcamp in the Tzaul Park, with the aim to clean the National Park from Tzaul village, Donduseni.
  • July 2002: Ecological workcamp at Padurea Domneasca, with the goal to clean the trees from that region
  • August 2002: Workcamp "Save the bats", with the aim to build houses for bats
  • July 2003: Workcamp at Saharna, with the aim to clean the tourist areas from Saharna village
  • August 2004: Workcamp "Three hands for the deers", with the goal to rebuilt the eating supports for the deers from Padurea Domneasca
  • July 2005: social workcamp "Falesti Orphanage School", with the aim to organize activities for the children
  • August 1-14, 2005: The international ecological festival "Ecotopia", organized every year by European Youth For Action and coordinated by AVI-
    Moldova in 2005. Around 300-500 volunteers participate every year at this event. Even though they come from different countries and cultural backgrounds, they manage to live as a self-sustainable community, promoting the principles of peaceful lifestyle, vegetarian food, recycling, the use of alternative energy and technologies, intercultural understanding.
  • January 2006: YTNF (Youth Transcending New Frontiers) is a new international project implemented by AVI together with: New Group Belarus, SVIT Ukraine, SCG Russia, SCI Germany, OWA Poland. The idea of this project is to bring together young people from different social and cultural backgrounds, who will be active and try to improve the situation in 3 social areas: human rights education; the struggle against racism and xenophobia and the social inclusion of minorities and youth from disadvantaged backgrounds.
  • May 2006: Photo Contest aiming to promote AVI and SCI workcamps among the local volunteers from other NGOs
  • June 2006: Workcamp "TOGETHER WITH US" in Edinet, with the aim of working with disabled children
  • July 2006: Photo Exhibition "I am a volunteer!"as a follow-up of the Photo contest. See more details at Last News Compartment.

Also, AVI published lots of leaflets, organized seminars on different topics and collaborated with other national and international NGOs in order to develop more volunteer projects.