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Camps available

 If you are willing to take part in a new project and live a unique experience, AVI Moldova invites you to apply for a workcamp in Russian Federation!

What is a workcamp about? It is a unique form of volunteering, bringing together people from different countries, cultures and backgrounds to live and work together with local communities for a period of two to three weeks. Work during a workcamp will be non-profit and voluntary work will never be a replacement or alternative to paid professional work.

If you are interested to participate or if there are any questions about the projects, please send a mail to and ask about application procedure.

We invite you to see the short description of some projects bellow:

Make It Global

Country: Russian Federation

Start Date: 19 Jun 2018

End Date: 09 Jul 2018

Topic: Children and youth

Work Types: Art / Work with children / Social

International age: 18 - 50

Required Language: English


Description: The host organization is Youth center Bird-cherries (Lazurniy village, Chelyabinsk region, South Ural). The volunteers are invited to take part in the summer camp for teenagers. The resort is big (about 500 teens and 70 animators at once). The aim of the project is to support children and teenagers to raise awareness of the intercultural competence and volunteering in the friendly environment of summer camp through social, cultural, sport and educational activities organized by volunteers. The camp activities suppose to show volunteering activities as a door to a large and intensive movement, which opens new opportunities for everyone, independent from her/his age, nationality or social background.

Type of Work: International volunteers are invited to prepare animation activities and non-formal education activities about intercultural dialogue and volunteering. There will be a festival with teenagers and for teenagers and their parents. The volunteers suppose to help kids to make a movie, to direct a musical and implement other creative ideas. Age of kids and teens: from 9 to 17. Average age of Russian animation team: 18-25 years old.The large variety of tasks gives opportunity for each volunteer to be integrated.

Accommodation: Accommodation is provided in a guest house in shared rooms (4-5 animators of same gender per room). Shower is available. Meals will be prepared in the canteen 5 times per day. Volunteers don t cook, but they have cleaning duties in their rooms.

Requirements: Volunteers should love interacting with kids.Volunteers should provide a certificate of no criminal record.There are two possible periods of participation: PZ 01a:19/06-28/06/2018 and PZ 01b:30/06-09/07/2018. Coming for both terms is possible. Please mention which option works for you in the VEF.Also we kindly ask you to specify your motivation and desire to take part in the project IN DETAIL.

Approximate Location: The camp is located 25 km away from the big city Chelyabinsk (South Ural), 200 km away from Yekaterinburg.

“Alice-camp” – 2

Country: Russian Federation

Start Date: 30 Jul 2018

End Date: 10 Aug 2018

Topic: Children and youth

Work Types: Work with children

International age:18 - 99

Required Language: English


Description: The mission of the project is intercultural and linguistic education of primary and middle school students from different parts of Russia. All the activities will be organized in cooperation with the Center of education “Alice”

Type of Work: This project is for those who love kids and would like to help them, as all the activities are based in local camp for kids aged 7-13. Kids are supervised by Russian group leaders (fluent English speakers). Volunteers will accompany kids throughout the day (in different excursions, quests, competitions, etc.), give master-classes and organize activities in English related to intercultural learning for kids, so that they could improve their language skills and learn about different countries the volunteers are coming from. If desired, volunteers can attend/participate/give lessons at the language centre (9 a.m. – 9 p.m.). We will be busy 5 – 8 hours a day 5 days a week, but time can be split between morning master classes and evening events.

Accommodation: Participants will live in a flat, with beds, blankets and bed linen, free Internet access. Meals 3 times a day will be provided in a local canteen.

Approximate Location: During free time participants will be able to learn history and culture of Vologda - one of the oldest and historical towns in Russia.


Siberian holidays

Country: Russian Federation

Start Date: 08 Jun 2018

End Date: 17 Jun 2018

Topic: Children and youth

Work Types: Work with children / Study, discussion, research

International age:18 - 30

Required Language: English


Description: The camp is organized by the Voluntary Center “UNIVOL” based on Tomsk State University. Tomsk is one of the oldest cities in Siberia and considered as educational and science center. That is why every summer there is a camp for students, which is aimed at leadership and active citizenship development. This summer, the main topic of the camp is volunteering and its benefits for personal and global development. The project aims to involve children in volunteer activities. There will be educational quests for children to show them a variety of forms of volunteering.

Type of Work: During the first week of the camp, volunteers will get to know each other and exchange their experience, visit Tomsk volunteering organizations and hold some educational activities about volunteering (games, workshops, movie discussions, stories about your personal volunteering experience and inspiring cases from your country, etc.). In addition to this, they will develop an educational program for volunteer quests.

During the second week, volunteers will actively participate in volunteering master classes for pupils. They will be expected to prepare educational quests about volunteering and hold it in local school’s summer camps. Moreover, volunteers will have one more important mission: to write articles and make some videos about the camp, which they will present in the end.

Study Theme: Volunteers will have a chance to know more about the history, traditions, and features of Russian Volunteer movement. Besides, they will learn new techniques and approaches of working with the youth. In particular, they will discover the tool of educational quests for children and youth.

Accommodation: Students hostel in the city of Tomsk, showers are available. 2 people per room. No sleeping bags required. Cooking – food will be served 3 times a day in University canteen.

Requirements: Participants should be motivated to share their personal volunteering experience and promote this idea.

Approximate Location: Tomsk. You can easily get there from Moscow International Airport or get unforgettable experience in taking Trans-Siberian railway. Tomsk is a relatively big city full of students and opportunities for spending free time.

If you are interested to participate or if there are any questions about the projects, please send a mail to and ask about application procedure.


Autor: AVI Webmaster

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