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FWD: Train your Leader!
      Camp Leader Training: “FWD: Train your Leader!”   From July 3rd to 9th, 2013, Vadul lui Voda hosted a group of international and local volunteers, who met in order to exchange experiences, promote the European values and also to improve their leadership skills. All these activities took place in the frame of the Training Course:  "FWD: Train your leader!". Details...
Published at: 01.08.2013
EVS in Catalunya
AVI Moldova invites motivated volunteers to take part in 2 EVS projects in Catalunya. Placement Officer for SCI Catalunya Location: Barcelona, Spain Start: 2013-10-01 End: 2014-07-01 Application deadline: 2013-01-25 D. Details...
Published at: 19.01.2013
International youth exchange in Lvov - Volunteer-Pedia
Volunteer-pedia Lviv, Ukraine November 4-11, 2012 Call for participants Volunteer-pedia. Everything you want to know about volunteering and (international) youth work, and everything you can do about volunteer work. 100 volumes of Brockhaus, or Encyclopedia Britannica? Lots of knowledge collected on hundreds of pages, condenced wisdom of humanity? Nicely smelling book dust? As exsiting it may sound – our project is not about it. Details...
Published at: 16.08.2012
Call for partners - Training course for leaders of international workcamps
Call for partners Training course for leaders of international workcamps "FWD: Train your leader!" General description AVI Moldova and SVIT Ukraine are going to apply on 1st of September for an international training which will take place at the end of April - beginning of May in Moldova with the support of European Commission. Details...
Published at: 14.08.2012
Mirror of history - International youth exhange (Chernivtsi, Ukraine)
Mirror of history International youth exchange Chernivtsi, Ukraine, 5-22 of August 2012 Chernivtsi (Ukrainian:×åðí³âö³́, Romanian: Cernăuți, Polish: Czerniowce, German and Yiddish: Czernowitz) is a regional center in Western Ukraine, close to the Carpathians. Along with Lviv, it is considered to be a cultural center of Western Ukraine. Details...
Published at: 25.06.2012
Last prisoner story goes on - International youth exchange
Last prisoner story goes on International youth exchange Konstantinovka, Ukraine, 15-30 of September 2012 Call for participants World war 2 and its impact on Europe and the world is still felt and significant – from research on Nazi crimes, Holocaust and trials on still alive guards of concentration camps, till situation with fascism and growing racism all over Europe. Details...
Published at: 13.06.2012
Long term volunteering projects (LTV/EVS) for June
Dear volunteers, please have a look on the vacancy list of EVS (European Voluntary Service) projects, which contain projects form European countries and other long-term volunteer projects in Asia, America etc.. If you have questions regarding the application procedure or if you are interested in certain aspects of one or another project please email us and we will reply soon. Details...
Published at: 07.06.2012
Weaving volunteer world wide web (aka www.wvwww.vol)
The idea of the seminar is motivated by the observations made on many international youth meetings - you see participants with laptops, who also do things on facebook, twitter, google talk etc., while following the meeting agenda and discussion. In the world, when blogs become more interesting and trustworth sources of news than newspapers and TV, and facebook is helping to organize revolution (or helping some government to prevent people traveling to protest action). Details...
Published at: 18.05.2012
The 2012 volunteering season has already started! -watch the spot
Dear volunteers, The 2012 volunteering season has started already, and if you are energetic, want to spend the time in a nice and ueseful way, and if you want to help a community, have the capacity and the will - give an eye on and choose the workcamp that suits you. Remember, only social involvement can change things in this world. Details...
Published at: 10.05.2012
Short term EVS in Switzerland
Dear friends, We invite you to apply for a short EVS project in Switzerland, which will take place on 26.07-12.08.2012 in Bern. Travel expenses and accommodation will be covered by organizers. A 2 day training before the project starts will be also provided. Note that this project is available only to those who know German at communication level! To apply please complete the attached form and send us a little motivation letter (in German). If you have questions please write us. Details...
Published at: 02.05.2012