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EVS in Catalunya
AVI Moldova invites motivated volunteers to take part in 2 EVS projects in Catalunya. Placement Officer for SCI Catalunya Location: Barcelona, Spain Start: 2013-10-01 End: 2014-07-01 Application deadline: 2013-01-25 Decision date: 2012-01-29 Vacancies: 1 Languages: Spanish Project Description: SCI Catalonia is the Catalan branch of Service Civil International, an organization that works to promote peace and social justice, understanding this as the existence equal opportunities, with an international perspective. The main lines of work are: Voluntary Work Camps (SCI Catalonia organizes a mean of 10 work camps, hosts 100 volunteers from other countries, and sends volunteers to other camps abroad); Projects for volunteers of medium to long term length; Actions and Project of awareness and training; International Youth Exchanges; Local groups of volunteers. Work: The EVS volunteer will give support in the volunteering Area of SCI Catalunya, working as Placement officer. Her/his main tasks will be giving information to local participants who wants to join a workcamp abroad, collecting and sending the application and keeping the contacts with the hosting branches. She/he will also give information about other opportunities of long term volunteering (such as EVS and LTV) In addition to these actions, the EVS volunteer will provide a more direct service acting as a coordinator of a work camp or youth exchange, and participating in local activities. The EVS volunteer is expected to work 6 hours a day, 5 days a week. The volunteer may kindly be asked to work on weekends for special activities. In those cases, there is compensation in free days. Requirements: Due to the kind of the activities proposed by the project, good Spanish and good English are necessary. Volunteer must be able to speak Spanish fluently and be motivated to learn Catalan (taking part to Catalan language course). Flexibility, sense of responsibility and self-initiative are very important, as well as ability in team working. It's important that volunteer had participated to some work camps, youth exchanges and international trainings and that she/he has previous experience whit others SCI braches or partners. Food: monthly allocation for food. Accommodation: Usually, in a single room in a shared flat. Pocket money: 105 EUR per month Insurance: AXA insurance covered by the EVS programme. Fees: None Visa: In case volunteer needs visa, visa costs will be covered whit the money of the project. Improvement of sustainable lifestyle and local development Location: Valls (Tarragona) at 80 km from Barcelona Start: 2013-10-01 End: 2013-04-01 Application deadline: 2012-01-25 Decision date: 2012-01-29 Languages: # Project: English # Local: Spanish Project Description: This is an EVS project. ADELA is an association born in 2005 in an organic farm in Valls (named Can Pipirimosca"), with the aim of promoting a sustainable lifestyle respecting the environment. The project will let the international volunteer to join with other short term volunteers (Woofers and local people) the daily life in the organic farm Can Pipirimosca. Starting from his own experience and the training that he will receive, he will give support to the members of the association in the tasks of coordination the Work: Daily activities related to organic agriculture, sustainability and recycling; the association occasionally organises meetings and seminars at weekends and also offers the space to other organisations or NGOs to develop their own activities. The objective is to promote values such as respect for the environment, sustainability, cooperation, self sufficiency, community responsibility, and to teach people different knowledge related to art, music, ecology, alternative energy, peace culture, etc The EVS volunteer will also take part in this week-end activities and is free to suggest new projects, to organise activities or to contribute with his/her own experience. All these experiences will provide the volunteer with a multicultural approach to a sustainable and alternative way of life that goes on daily in Can Pipirimosca. The volunteer will participate to a course of Spanish and he also will have the opportunity of practicing Spanish with the local volunteers. Requirements: We look for volunteers interested in environment and nature who are motivate for life in countryside. Life conditions are very prepared! Food: People living in Can Pipirimosca will cook together their meals with the aliments from the ecological farm. Everything is vegetarian. They´ll also learn how to make their own bread and cakes. Accommodation: The volunteer will be accommodating in Canpipirimosca house and he will participate to the common life of the community. He/she will have a single room in the ecological farm. Toilets and showers are next to the house but outside in the garden. Pocket money: 105 EUR per month Insurance: volunteer will be cover whit AXA insurance Fees: None Visa: In case the volunteer needs a visa, visa feeds will be reimbursed whit the money of the project. Please contact AVI Team to get the application from at before January 25th.
Author: AVI Webmaster

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