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Call for partners - Training course for leaders of international workcamps
Call for partners
Training course for leaders of international workcamps
"FWD: Train your leader!"

General description
AVI Moldova and SVIT Ukraine are going to apply on 1st of September for an international training which will take place at the end of April - beginning of May in Moldova with the support of European Commission. The idea of the project is based on the principle of FWD – forwarded message, skills and knowledge which will be passed to the new volunteers and activists by the more experienced ones.
The program will be built on cases – real stories from different workcamps and international youth exchanges organized by SCI and partners, which would promote sharing best practices and allow to learn from mistakes and avoid them while organizing and running an international youth and volunteer project – exchange or workcamp.

The program
The program will include such traditional topics as :
- leadership;
- group dynamics;
- intercultural learning;
- role of leader;
- conflicts and non-violent communication as tool to prevent them;
- contact and interaction with local community;
- practicalities of life of an international youth/volunteer group;
- tolerance and peace-building; - promotion of European solidarity and cooperation.

The program will be finalized with open space, where participants can present their ideas for study part and elaborate them together, try out new team building games and activities, develop ideas for the future. Apart from that, we want to create a small handbook only with cases/situations from participants and leaders perspective, which will be collated into an electronic material which will summarize workcamp practices, a material which will be spreaded to SCI members, POs and camp leaders. All the materials developed during the training, will be added as well to campleader wiki started in 2012 by IAL and SVIT

Target group
We expect to meet around 20-25 young people at the age 18-30 who already have or would like to have an experience of work camp or other international project leading.

Working language
English – all participants must be able to actively communicate using English language

Partner’s profile
All interested Program countries and Neighboring Partner countries.

Next steps

If you are interested to become partner organization in our project please send to us:
1. Filled partnership identification form – (download here)
2. Filled, Signed, Stamped and Scanned preliminary agreement (download here), To:
Please scan, sign and email your docs and then send a hard copy by the post to:

AVI Moldova
159 Stefan cel Mare bd.
MD2004 Chisinau
Republic of Moldova

Please: Be as fast as possible in sending to us preliminary agreement and partnership identification not latter than 20th of August and do not forget to send us approximately your travel costs from your home town to Chisinau, Moldova.

If you have any question please don’t hesitate to contact Cernei Cezar ( tel. +37322927724, fax: +37322930415, website:
We are looking forward to your answers
Author: AVI Webmaster

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