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About AVI-MD

The Association of International Volunteering (AVI – MD) was a group of initiative, created within the Dutch program of the Milieukontakt Oost – Europa organization (2000-2003) in Republic of Moldova. A few representatives, members of NGOs that activate in different fields (ecology, youth, culture) from several regions of the republic participated in the AVI-MD working group.

AVI-Moldova gained official recognition as voluntary service peace organisation from the international peace movement Service Civil International (SCI) by becoming official Moldavian contact organization and in Autumn, 2003 - partner organization of SCI. Already for four years AVI-MD is organizing workcamps, seminars, participating in SCI trainings and meetings. AVI-MD has it’s own publications, which include magazines, posters and leaflets.

In February, 2004 AVI-MD was registered as a voluntary service organisation aiming to promote peace and tolerance, international volunteering, intercultural exchange, healthy way of life and human rights through voluntary activities.

The organization has the following objectives:

  • Supporting the programs of the youth associative structures and promoting personal programs
  • Unveiling and developing the creative potential of the young people
  • The stimulation of the creative activities and the participation of the youth in the process of solving the problems in the local public administration domain
  • Spreading the democratic values, protecting the human rights within different programmes and projects
  • Promoting the programmes that involve national and international voluntary
  • Education among young people a healthy way of life
  • Contribution to the restoration of the natural equilibrium
  • Developing the relations of collaboration between similar national and international organizations