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What are?

Workcamps - short term projects with long term goals!

Most workcamps have a specific goal or task to be achieved in the 2 – 4 weeks of the project – for example, volunteers may repaint a school, increase awareness of HIV or organise activities for asylum seekers. The work that they do is valuable and always appreciated by local communities, but the impact of these projects is also much larger. By living with people of different backgrounds and working together to help others, each workcamp helps pave the way to a more peaceful world.

Most workcamps consist of 5 – 15 participants from a variety of countries and they generally occur during the summer months. The participants live by local standards and with as much contact with the local people as possible. The camps are facilitated by either one or two camp leaders but are run by the principles of communal living, group decision making, equal participation and collective problem solving.

The camps can vary from physical labour to more educational tasks and many also involve a study component. The camps are aimed to address the following issues;

  • Anti – racism, Anti – fascism, Refugees and Ethnic minorities
  • North – South Solidarity
  • Peace and Disarmament
  • Disabilities
  • Children, Teenagers, Elderly people
  • Environment
  • Sexuality and Gender
  • Social Disadvantaged
  • Art, Culture and History
  • Ideology and Spirituality
  • Other

To apply for a camp you must contact your local branch. You can also read general information on how to apply for a workcamp.